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Dive into the destiny changing practices and principles of spiritual intimacy with renowned men’s work and Sacred Intimacy teacher, John Wineland, as he unpacks what makes relationships safe, sacred and truly devotional. Suspend what you have been taught about love and embark on a journey of nervous system expansion and sexual magnetism that will make you a source of healing and spiritual depth in your love life. Join us every other Wednesday as we delve into the practical depth of artistic loving.

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John Wineland

John brings a multi-faceted approach, which is both energetic and highly practical, to his workshops and experiential coaching sessions. John’s embodiment-driven teaching draws from not only over 30 years experience of his own Buddhist meditative practice, but from 13 years intensive study and practice with renowned yogic intimacy teacher, David Deida. Drawing from Deida’s revolutionary framework, as well as the deep lineages of Vajrayana, tantra, Kundalini yoga, Taoist and martial arts traditions, John seeks to create a profound experience for anybody longing to deepen their experience in intimacy and embodiment.

If you would like to go deeper in the concepts that John discusses in the podcast, The Embodied Relationship Experience membership is a great complement


The Embodied Relationship Experience is available for singles and couples. Whether you are in partnership, dating, or are looking to create more vitality and aliveness in your daily life, the principles and practices of embodiment and sacred intimacy will change your life forever.

Access 1000s of curated teachings and practices taken from live workshops and long-term programs. 


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